Reign of Winter

The Return to Heldren

15th of Sarenrae 4713 AR

Yes, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, dear reader. Now, it isn’t for cowardice – I simply wasn’t prepared for the cold in the Border Wood. One doesn’t go to the realm of Taldor in the month of Sarenrae packing furs, let alone in the winter. Simply put, by the time I got back to Heldren I found that they didn’t have a supply of snowshoes either, so there was no hope of catching up to the illustrious group.
Yesterday, just before midnight I found the udine ranger named Dmitry swiftly making his way through Heldren. Not a word came from him and I dared not stand in the way of a man with his eyes so focused on the horizon. Last I saw him, he was headed north on the main road to Oppara. What his destination is, I do not know – but I can’t see him settling for the big city life.
Today though, near noon, a group returns with Lady Argentea. It was amusing, the way she carried herself, head held high, donning armor on her steed and a lance with the banner of her house aloft like a banner. As if she were the leader. It is in her fine aristocratic blood. The real story lies within who isn’t there, and the survivor of this quest to save Lady Argentea. One amongst the original band of heroes has defied all odds – a woman called Hilda. Shrouded in mystery, she has a penchant for fading into the background, even more so now that she finds herself in the company of three half-orcs. Word travels swiftly in small towns, and I have heard of the deaths of the little bearded gnome and the cat-folk. I am curious to learn of the details, and perhaps I shall over a pint Three-Devil Ale and a hearty venison stew.
The town of Heldren doesn’t have time to celebrate, for this threat in the Border Wood is confirmed to be real, and greater than originally perceived. An ice troll seems to be behind this out of season winter, but I suspect there is a great deal more. Powerful magic or angry gods are the only way this could happen.


kempf_nathan kempf_nathan

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